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BetOnline is one of the largest online gaming companies in North America. Their offerings include sports betting, casino games, poker, esports, horses, and financial markets.

/ Business Problem

BetOnline maintained a great reputation utilising the original brand. As industry trends, patterns and platforms change, this required the business to re-evaluate their current brand and how it was positioned in the industry, as well as within their own organization.

/ Approach

We collaborated with the international BetOnline team via our unique satellite approach, and got to the core understanding of what the business does, stands for and promises. This gave us valuable insights to support and develop the core brand foundations and principles, which give direction all subsequent design and communications.

The natural extension of the brand foundations are the brand pillars and mission, which we formulated to create a tone of voice that resonates with the business and supports the visual language.

Utilising the brands pillars, we then went into ideation mode and explored creative styles that mapped back to the BetOnline foundations and appearance. After much refinement, we settled on a bold new direction that preserved the brand’s essence while giving it a modern twist.

/ Outcome

The output was a detailed brand guide that tells the business how to move forward and speak confidently with their new voice. It is intended as a reference guide to ensure a consistent brand experience, and will be used to shape all of the company’s future design and communication decisions.