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Food St is an Australian startup founded in 2015 that connects passionate home cooks with time-poor families. They currently service the Northern Beaches and Inner West regions of Sydney, and plan to scale nationally in the long-term.

/ Business Problem

Food St was founded on a brilliant idea, but they needed to expand their team in order to get their product to market. They engaged DIJGTAL to become their design and marketing partner in 2016, with the immediate focus on designing, validating, releasing and marketing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

/ Approach

The first thing we did was to leverage the insights from existing research to ideate a number of concepts, and test them with potential customers to determine if we were on the right track.

Once we had established a good understanding of the core needs for both Cooks and Buyers, we designed and implemented a lean MVP using Shopify and existing plugins.

We started with a pilot of the product, branding and marketing strategy in the inner Sydney suburb of Zetland. While the manual processes in this pilot weren’t scalable, completing low-level tasks by hand forced us to form an intimate knowledge of what did and didn’t work.

After the pilot period, we took these learnings and applied them to the design and implementation of the next product release. This formed Food St’s first official launch, which was focused on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, where the founders live. To support this launch, we ran content marketing on Facebook, and hyper-local brand awareness campaigns.

/ Outcome

DIJGTAL was able to prove the Food St concept in a controlled pilot environment before producing their initial product offering and getting it to market. As Food St continues to expand and seek investment, we provide ongoing strategic direction and support.