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Sensation is an indoor electronic dance music event that originated in Amsterdam and is now held all around the globe. It is defined by its all-white dress code, which results in a unique visual style, and an infectious atmosphere of unity.

/ The Opportunity

Sensation were looking for a way to keep fans up to date and connected before, during and after the event. They wanted to use this as an opportunity to really enhance the event experience, rather than just delivering a boring, standard EDM campaign.

/ Approach

After running a stakeholder workshop in order to understand the business perspective, we conducted guerrilla interviews with prospective attendees on the streets of Sydney. This allowed us to learn what they would expect from the event, and what could augment their experience.

In this research phase, we learned that customers wanted to access unique content, receive information and tickets before anyone else, and stay updated with the event.

This customer research was key to building a successful user experience, as the event industry is flooded with similar but ineffective offerings. We wanted to make sure we weren’t just another “me too!”

We designed and developed a mobile-centric web app MVP with only three key features that were highly desired by the users: live updates from all related music events; exclusive competitions and offers; and event information.

/ Outcome

The online platform was a success, with the live social aggregator being used as a channel for FOMO. It generated an increased fanbase and following both locally and globally.