/ Val Morgan


Hoyts is an Australian entertainment company that owns and operates 49 cinemas with over 425 screens and over 65,000 seats. Our work was specifically with Val Morgan, the cinema advertising arm of the Hoyts Group. They are the leading supplier of cinema screen advertising in Australian and New Zealand, with network coverage of over 2,000 cinema screens covering metro, regional and country areas.

/ Business Problem

Val Morgan were looking to enhance and future-proof their cinema advertising platform ‘Cinvendo’. The software had served its purpose well for 20 years, but there were clear opportunities to simplify workflows, increase stability, and accommodate new business needs.

Rather than applying bandaid fixes to the existing platform, Val Morgan planned to redevelop it from the ground up. They engaged DIJGTAL to map out a full understanding of all the various ways that different employees use it, and identify how best to optimise and accommodate these tasks in a new system.

/ Approach

We conducted workshops with representatives from the core usage groups of Operations, Sales, Finance and IT. In these workshops, we mapped out all the tasks that these users complete as a part of their role in the company, and how Cinvendo fits into those workflows. We also identified pain points, opportunities, and things that are already working well.

After the workshops, we observed team members from each role to get first-hand insight into the issues they had identified.

Synthesising all this information, we produced a current state service map to articulate the way things currently are, and a future state service map to express how we imagine how Val Morgan would operate with the revised system. Some high level concept designs accompanied the latter to help make our ideas more tangible.

/ Outcome

Our future state service map improved the process by 25% on each advertising campaign, which will save Val Morgan 2,367 hours per year. We will be designing and developing the full platform with Val Morgan over the next year.