We are Human /

/ the characteristic of people and the complex nature of the human mind

Our culture and collective mindset is the kind that embraces authenticity, demonstrates confidence, and crafts thought-provoking outcomes.

For us, humans always come first.



Always learning. Always relevant. Never complacent.

DIJGTAL partner with early stage startups, large scale enterprise ventures and established corporates, and do so across a multitude of industries. The learnings we take from one industry we apply to the next, but always with a new and relevant spin.

Our unique style of working allows us to seamlessly engage with your team to help bridge the gap between the known and the unknown. Understanding the problem (or untapped opportunities) is at the core of what we do. So we don’t just create, we validate and build cultural relevance.


Partner over client

Put simply. If we look at you as just a ‘client', then you’ll see us as just a ‘vendor’. Our philosophy is that the most successful and valuable outputs are formed from the strongest and most natural relationships. We collaborate and partner with you throughout the entire journey.

Collaboration is King

The teams we build to support you are of the highest calibre, empowered and autonomous, but always humble and collaborative. Our goal is to create disruptive solutions, services and experiences, whist forging rewarding relationships.

Ours is always a long game and we want to play as a team.

Empathy. Humility. Creativity. Simplicity.

The pillars that feed our playground of validated innovation.


Did I Just Go There?

A statement that our company ethos is built on.

Did I Just Go There (.al) - An acronym that formed our brand name and direction. Disrupting “digital” from day one.

We are adventurous, both in life and at work. Safe is for your competition so we always push the envelope where and when possible. We go straight for the game-changing opportunity from day one.

We listen and we talk with you, but never at you. Dialogue is one our strongest tools, and if we get that right then imagine what else we can do.