PWC is the second largest professional services network in the world. We worked with an innovation unit in their Melbourne office, who are responsible for creating exciting new products.

/ Opportunity

PWC engaged us to establish an affinity-based marketing platform to connect financial institutions with brands. The idea of these partnerships was to allow banks to provide more appealing offers by leveraging the engaged, loyal customer bases of certain brands.

/ Approach

We began this project by running an alignment workshop with the team in Melbourne, to extract their current thinking and ideas. From this session, we were able to distill key information like the core user types, use cases, and workflows.

With a solidified understanding of this, we designed and developed a high fidelity prototype, validated it with users, and iterated based on their feedback.

We continued to iterate the prototype until we had designed and built a working version of the end-to-end UX and UI.

/ Outcome

At the end of the project, PWC had a fully functional system that they could demonstrate to their clients. The product is now part of their internal offering to customers.